Postage and Handling Procedure

BioPRYN™ Postage and Handling

  • Bundle tubes together in groups of 1-10 tubes with a rubber band.
  • Place inside a leak proof Ziploc bag or Gladwrap bag.
  • Wrap the bundle with absorbent paper towel or newspaper (enough to absorb all fluid if all tubes break).
  • Pack the bags with bubble wrap or absorbent newspaper inside a box (we do not suggest using padded envelopes) and seal the box.
  • After you have packaged using this procedure, address the box.
  • Address the carton to the address below (we recommend using Aust Post, Express post) this way you have a tracking number.
  • In Australia ship your samples direct to our laboratory:

PREGTEST Australia
P.O. Box 838
Yass NSW 2582

PREGTEST will be closed from Monday January 21st until Thursday February 14th 2019. PLEASE KEEP ALL SAMPLES IN THE FRIDGE TIL OUR RETURN. Dismiss