Pregnancy Testing Sheep / Goats


What do you have to do?

Step 1. Purchase a Prepaid starter kit

The starter kit has enough equipment to test 12 Ewes or Does. It contains 12 Vacutainer®, 12 Syringes.
All for $62.95*
Click here to purchase your D.I.Y. Starter Kit for Goats.
Click here to purchase your D.I.Y. Starter Kit for Sheep.

Step 2. Arrange collecting equipment

Arrange syringes and red topped vacuum tubes. ‘Remember to use a new syringe and vacutainer for each animal’


Step 3. Collect sample

Collect approx 2cc of whole blood from each ewe / doe. Label each tube using water-insoluble ink or pencil with the tube sequence number and the animal number – DO NOT OPEN TUBE

Written Instructions on JUGULAR VEIN BLEEDING
Download Poster

Store the samples in the refrigerator until you are ready to post them.

Step 4. Sending your samples

Ship your samples to Pregtest Australia. Postage instructions.

PREGTEST will be closed from Monday January 21st until Thursday February 14th 2019. PLEASE KEEP ALL SAMPLES IN THE FRIDGE TIL OUR RETURN. Dismiss